Accordion & Toggles

Do you have cameras?

Yes we do! Parents have access to their child’s classroom and can watch in real time how their child’s day is going.

Do teachers have any certifications or trainings?

Absolutely! Our teachers come from many different backgrounds.  We have teachers with degrees, CDAs, MANY years of experience, and many have their own children.  Our staff is required to complete background check and fingerprinting, have up to date CPR / First Aid certification, Food Handlers certification, as well as completing mandatory 24 hours of training every year.

How long have your teachers been here or what is their experience?

All of our teachers are unique and bring their own special talents to our center!  We have several teachers who have been with us for over 5 years (we are in our 11th year being open) and many who have been here over a year.  We do have new faces occasionally that become part of our team!  We have teachers with degrees, CDAs, MANY years of experience, and many have their own children.

What are your hours and can my child be here from open to close?

We are open at 6am and close at 6:30pm.  A child cannot be in attendance for longer than 12 hours.

How do I know what they are learning or what activities are going on in the classroom?

Every classroom has a “Lesson Plan” posted by their entrance.  The lesson plan has the theme for the week and a letter, number, shape, and color they focus on weekly.  For our Pre-K classrooms, they also have the state(s) and sight words they are working on for that week.  Classrooms also send home a newsletter about the week for parents.  We have a 2019 Event Calendar that has a list of the different events going on throughout the center.

Do you transport school age children to and from school?

We provide transportation for the following Tomball ISD schools: Canyon Pointe Elementary, Wildwood Elementary, Willow Creek Elementary, Northpointe Intermediate, and Oakcrest Intermediate.   We also provide transportation to Kohrville Elementary in Klein ISD.

What is your policy for a sick child?

We send a child home once they have a temperature of 100.4, vomiting, diarrhea, pink swollen goopy eyes, trouble breathing, and head lice.  Children must be symptom and fever free WITHOUT medication for 24 hours.  We ask for parents to let us know if a child is diagnosed with anything contagious (strep, flu, pink eye, etc.) so we can post a sign on the door to the class to make other parents aware it is going around.  We do not have a nurse on site.

Can you administer medication to my child?

We ask for you to complete a “Medication Form” to administer medicines.  Your child’s age MUST be on the container for us to administer and we can only administer the amount on the instructions (unless a doctor’s note is provided).  Fever reducers provided by the parent can be administered for a child prone to Febrile Seizures at the 100.4 temperature, but the child must still be sent home.  We administer medications at 11am and 3pm so we ask parents to please work with us on the timing.

What kind of security measures are taken and are there any safety practices?

We monitor the building and premises throughout the day and make sure teachers are always aware of the surroundings.  Our entry door is locked from the outside and one of our Front Desk staff will let you in so we know who is in the building. If you are picking up your child for the first day or are an authorized pick up picking up for the first time, we will ask for a valid ID or Driver License to make sure you are the parent or authorized pickup.  If you come in for a tour, we will ask for a valid ID or Driver License as well so we can keep up with who is in our building.  All volunteers, contractors, and outside companies must provide a valid ID or Driver License and any specific credentials we ask for (CPR / First AID, Certifications, Background Checks, etc.).

We practice safety in many ways.  We talk about safe and unsafe choices in the classrooms, on the school buses, and on the playgrounds.  We have mandatory drills we also practice: Fire Drills are performed monthly, Severe Weather Drills are performed quarterly or more, and Lock Down Drills are performed quarterly or more.

When are you closed?

We are closed Saturdays, Sundays, and major federal holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Labor Day, New Years Day, etc.).  If there is severe weather (such as a hurricane), we do follow Tomball ISD for closures and lock downs.

Besides the annual registration fee and tuition, are there any other fees?

We do not charge a craft or supply fee.  All meals are included into the tuition.  We have an outside company called JumpStart that comes out during the school year on Tuesdays and does fun workouts with the children and it is included into the tuition.  We do have 2 extracurricular activities that we offer that are not a part of the tuition and it is the parent’s choice for their child to be enrolled into the activities.  The extracurricular activities are Soccer Shots and KinderDance and prices are given through those companies.

Does my child have to go outside to play?

Texas State Licensing requires children to go outside for play at least twice a day.  Children will not go outside if the temperature or wind chill is lower than 32 degrees.  Children will have limited outdoor if the temperature or heat index is from 100-102 degrees.  Children will not go outside if the temperature or heat index is higher than 102 degrees.